The Golden Anniversary (Noces d'or) 4 years old

The Golden Anniversary

"Allow me to be your husband." Not only does Alix Saint-Cast, who has Alzheimer's disease, recognize her husband Octave two days before her Golden Wedding, she has also fallen in love again. Their new beloved is Farhad Mozafari, Iranian, also suffering from Alzheimer's disease and can not be separated from Alix. So Farhad has to come with son Iradj and his little daughter to the stately home of the Saint-Casts. However, they are only gradually aware of the unusual family encounters that newcomers have accepted.


The Golden Anniversary Cast

Name Character
Christa Theret She was 28, now 32 years old as Célestine Saint-Cast
Alice Taglioni She was 43, now 47 years old as Dora Saint-Cast
Bernard Verley He was 79, now 84 years old as Octave Saint-Cast
Philippe Morier-Genoud He was 75, now 80 years old as VGE
Michel Vuillermoz He was 56, now 61 years old as Bernard
Babak Hamidian He was 38, now 43 years old as Iradj Mozafan
Hélène Vincent She was 79, now 84 years old as Alix Saint-Cast
Marie-Bénédicte Roy She was 60, now 65 years old as Françoise
Nasser Memarzia as Farhad Mozafan
Stanley Weber He was 33, now 37 years old as Fabrice Saint-Cast

The Golden Anniversary Crew

Name Department
Nader T. Homayoun as Director. Directing
Nader T. Homayoun as Writer. Writing
The Golden Anniversary poster
The Golden Anniversary (4 years)

  • Release day: Friday, September 13, 2019
  • Runtime: 95 minutes