News at Eleven 37 years old

When television news director Eric Ross pressures esteemed senior anchor Frank Kenley to sensationalize the news, Kenley isn't pleased -- and the conflict comes to a head when a local high school sex scandal hits the news. As Ross pushes him to play up the story, Kenley wrestles with the moral complexities of the situation and tries to find the balance between the public's need to know and the individual's rights.


News at Eleven Cast

Name Character
Martin Sheen He was 45, now 83 years old as Frank Kenley
Brooke Bundy She was 41, now 79 years old as Donna Kenley
Susan Krebs She was 39, now 77 years old as Sally
Peter Riegert He was 38, now 76 years old as Eric Ross
Sydney Penny She was 14, now 52 years old as Melissa Kenley
Sheree J. Wilson She was 27, now 65 years old as Christine Arnold
Christa Denton She was 14, now 52 years old as April Gibbs
Barbara Babcock She was 49, now 87 years old as Joanna Steckler
David Sheiner He was 58, now 96 years old as David Kogan
Christopher Allport He was 38, 60 years old when he died as Gene Silas
Tina Caspary She was 15, now 53 years old as Gretchen Kent

News at Eleven Crew

Name Department
Mike Robe as Director. Directing
Mike Robe as Writer. Writing
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News at Eleven (37 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, April 02, 1986
  • Runtime: 100 minutes