Mystery Mansion 39 years old

Susan and her brother Johnny go to spend the summer with their aunt and uncle where they discover a map that may lead to some sort of treasure. Susan had been having nightmares about a girl (Rachel) who disappeared in a nearby mansion now old and abandoned. Eventually Susan and Johnny along with their cousin Billy begin a quest to find the treasure as well as the answers to Rachel's disappearance. While they are doing this 2 escaped convicts are also looking for the same treasure!


Mystery Mansion Cast

Name Character
David Wagner He was 12, now 52 years old as Johnny
Dal McKennon He was 64, 89 years old when he died as Sam
Joseph D. Savery as Willy
Riley Novak as Billy
Jane Ferguson as Mary
Barry Hostetler as Fred
Richard Poe He was 38, now 78 years old as Adam Drake
Randi Brown as Susan
Christopher Wynne as Gene

Mystery Mansion Crew

Name Department
William Loose as Original Music Composer. He was 74 (80) years old when He died Sound
David Jackson as Director. Directing
David Jackson as Screenplay. Writing
Jack Duggan as Screenplay. He was 86 (79) years old when He died Writing
Arn Wihtol as Screenplay. Writing
Stephen L. Johnson as Editor. He was 33 (now 73) years old Editing
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Mystery Mansion (39 years)

  • Release day: Monday, July 02, 1984
  • Runtime: 95 minutes