My Name Is Pecos (Due once di piombo) 56 years old

My Name Is Pecos

Pecos Martinez rides into Houston looking to settle an old score with gang leader Clane, who is after the money that disappearred from a recent robbery. The hunt for the loot and Pecos' quest become intertwined with the efforts of the locals to stay alive long enough for help to arrive. Source: SWDB


My Name Is Pecos Cast

Name Character
George Eastman He was 112, 77 years old when he died
Pietro Martellanza He was 28, 71 years old when he died
Pier Paolo Capponi He was 28, 79 years old when he died as Joe Kline
Luigi Casellato as Eddie
Umberto Raho He was 44, 93 years old when he died as Morton
Giuliano Raffaelli as Dr. Berton
Peter Carsten He was 38, 83 years old when he died as Steve
Lucia Modugno as Mary Burton
Robert Woods He was 30, now 86 years old as Pecos Martinez

My Name Is Pecos Crew

Name Department
Maurizio Lucidi as Director. He was 34 (72) years old when He died Directing
My Name Is Pecos poster
My Name Is Pecos (56 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, December 22, 1966
  • Runtime: 84 minutes