My Kuya's Wedding 16 years old

My Kuya's Wedding

Inseparable as siblings, Jeff and Kat grew up very close to each other through thick and thin. Kat being overzealous and very wary of girls who likes her brother Jeff. Her Kuya simply means the world to her. Years later, Kat is all grown-up and lovely, and soon awaits her Kuyas return after four years of hard work from abroad. But all this excitement of a sibling reunion is foiled at the airport upon sight of Heidi, Kats worst nightmare and her brothers fiancée. Fueled with envy, Kat embarks on an all-out scheme to pull out all the stops to their impending wedding with the help of her gay bestfriend of all seasons. However, as Kat schemes to freeze the marital icing off her siblings cake, she finds herself falling for the charms of an evicted reality show superstar - Aris who happens to be Heidis brother. As she desperately clings to her last semblance of family, her Kuya Jeff, will Kat be able to stop this bridezilla from snatching away her only Kuya in her life?


My Kuya's Wedding Cast

Name Character
Mika Dela Cruz She was 8, now 24 years old as Young Yvette
Debraliz as Tere
Dominic Ochoa He was 33, now 49 years old as Divo
Maja Salvador She was 18, now 35 years old as Kat
Raquel Villavicencio as Elsa (as Racquel Villavicencio)
I.C. Mendoza as Vi
Say Alonzo She was 24, now 40 years old as Yvette
Ryan Agoncillo He was 28, now 44 years old as Kuya Jeff
Janus del Prado He was 22, now 39 years old as Colin
Dick Israel He was 47, 56 years old when he died as Peng
Ethel Booba She was 30, now 46 years old as Susie
Jorel Tan as TV Reporter
Frank Garcia He was 89, 38 years old when he died as Rudy
Cheska Billiones as Young Kitkat (as Cheska Billones)
Paul Salas He was 9, now 25 years old as Young Jeff
Ryan Yllana as Farrel
Jason Abalos He was 22, now 38 years old as Aris
Cheena as Pepay
Pauleen Luna She was 18, now 35 years old as Heidi
KitKat as Jopay

My Kuya's Wedding Crew

Name Department
Topel Lee as Director. Directing
Roselle Y. Monteverde as Producer. Production
Roselle Y. Monteverde as Writer. Writing
Marya Ignacio as Editor. Editing
Von De Guzman as Music. Sound
Mark Sabas as Production Design. Art
Lily Y. Monteverde as Producer. Production
Luis Quirino as Cinematography. Crew
Manny Valera as Production Director. Production
Allan Tijamo as Writer. Writing
Elaine Lozano as Line Producer. Production
Flordeliza Hombre Milan as Production Office Assistant. Crew
Helen Villamar as Production Office Assistant. Crew
Ian Traifalgar as Art Department Coordinator. Art
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My Kuya's Wedding (16 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, August 29, 2007
  • Runtime: 142 minutes