My Friend Dino (Mon ami Dino) 5 years old

After spending 4 years in prison for drug trafficking, Dino tastes fame by interpreting the godfather of the mafia in the TV series Omerta. Now 72 years old, he's preparing for a role that could be his last. Somewhere between reality and fiction, My Friend Dino offers a special access to the universe of this likable anarchist.


My Friend Dino Cast

Name Character
Dino Tavarone He was 73, now 78 years old
Michel Côté He was 73, now 79 years old
Manuel Tadros He was 59, now 65 years old
Joëlle Morin He was 63, now 68 years old

My Friend Dino Crew

Name Department
Jimmy Larouche as Director. Directing
My Friend Dino (5 years)

  • Release day: Friday, August 05, 2016