Mutande pazze 31 years old

Mutande pazze

Four ambitious women are ready to do anything to make a name in show business.


Mutande pazze Cast

Name Character
Loris Loddi He was 34, now 66 years old
Venantino Venantini He was 61, 88 years old when he died as Padre di Alessia
Monica Guerritore She was 34, now 65 years old as Amalia
Eva Grimaldi She was 30, now 62 years old as Stefania
Irma Capece Minutolo She was 56, now 88 years old as Madre di Alessia
Raoul Bova He was 20, now 52 years old as Rocco
Petra Reinhardt as segretaria
Aldo Ralli He was 56, 80 years old when he died as Nando Crass
Delia D'Alberti as Adriana
Silvana Bosi She was 57, now 89 years old as Madre di Stefania
Marisa Merlini She was 68, 84 years old when she died as Zia di Alessia
Mauro Marino He was 24, now 55 years old as Produttore
Umberto Raho He was 69, 93 years old when he died as Ministro Poletti
Emidio La Vella He was 46, now 78 years old as Angelo Chicchi
Luigi Petrucci He was 35, now 67 years old as Rossi
Dario Cassini He was 24, now 56 years old as Fidanzato di Beatrice
Sergio Vastano He was 39, now 70 years old as Presentatore Show
Giovanni Visentin He was 38, now 70 years old as Critico D'arte
Bruno Corazzari He was 51, now 82 years old as Direttore Televisivo
Paolo Lorimer as Regista Televisivo

Mutande pazze Crew

Name Department
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Mutande pazze (31 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, February 04, 1992
  • Runtime: 97 minutes