Midnight Masquerade 6 years old

Midnight Masquerade

Young businesswoman Elyse Samford's life takes a turn when she inherits Samford Candy, a multi-billion dollar corporation, from her retired father. A trademark infringement lawsuit against a rival company brings Elyse to Higgins Attorneys and Sons, where Rob Carelli, a young, too-nice-for-his-own-good lawyer, is bullied by his boss, firm founder Carter Higgins, and his two arrogant sons. Despite his workplace woes, Rob becomes instantly smitten with Elyse. With Halloween just around the corner, Elyse invites the Higgins law firm staff to an opulent masked Halloween costume ball. Rob obeys an order to remain in the office working that night, but has a change of heart when his spunky, 12-year old niece Ruby, convinces him to attend the ball wearing a prince costume. After a magnificent waltz and magical exchange with the handsome "prince," Elyse yearns to locate this mysterious man and hopefully find the romance her life has been missing.


Richard Burgi
Richard Burgi


Autumn Reeser
Autumn Reeser

Elyse Samford

Chris Gillett
Chris Gillett

Carter Higgins

Kim Roberts
Kim Roberts


All Cast

Name Character
Kim Roberts She was 52, now 59 years old as Merry
Richard Burgi He was 56, now 63 years old as Howard
Shauna MacDonald She was 43, now 50 years old as Helen
Autumn Reeser She was 34, now 40 years old as Elyse Samford
Christopher Russell He was 31, now 38 years old as Rob Carelli
Chris Gillett as Carter Higgins
Helen Colliander She was 13, now 20 years old as Ruby


Name Department
Howard Braunstein as Executive Producer. Production
Patricia Resnick as Teleplay. She was 61 (now 68) years old Writing
Steve Solomos as Producer. Production
Jonathan Baruch as Executive Producer. Production
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Midnight Masquerade (6 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, September 27, 2014