Melissa 29 years old

Melissa follows her dream of becoming a dancer all the way to New York City but finds when she gets there that reaching her goal might cost more than she is willing to sacrifice. In dire need of money, she becomes an exotic dancer in a strip club where a sinister love triangle puts both her heart and her life in danger.


Melissa Cast

Name Character
Michelle Trachtenberg She was 9, now 38 years old as Lena
Johnny La Spada as Steven
Victor Slezak He was 37, now 66 years old as Rick
Denise Faye She was 31, now 60 years old as Colleen
Rosemary Forsyth She was 51, now 80 years old as Dr. Gardner
Nicole Eggert She was 22, now 52 years old as Melissa Anderson
Tony Sirico He was 52, now 81 years old as Jack
Brette Taylor as Amanda

Melissa Crew

Name Department
Paul Le Mos as Author. Writing
Sasha Wolf as Author. Writing
Frank Mayor as Producer. Production
Rick Robinson as Director of Photography. Camera
Craig Weisz as Editor. Editing
Donna Walley as Casting. Production
Norval Johnson as Set Designer. Art
Gene Harrison as Stunts. Crew
Steve Binder as Director. He was 62 (now 91) years old Directing
Melissa poster
Melissa (29 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, January 01, 1995
  • Runtime: 81 minutes