Marie-Line 22 years old

A woman learns to care for others when she's forced to help people on the wrong side of the law in this drama. Marie-Line (Muriel Robin) is a single woman in her mid-forties who oversees the cleaning crew at a large office building. On the job, Marie-Line is all business, with no patience for laziness and no tolerance for employees who do less than a perfect job. But Marie-Line's bosses are in the midst of a money crunch and they've cut back on her budget, so when several of her employees quit, she has to find new cleaners willing to work for a lower wage. Marie-Line soon finds new workers willing to work hard for low pay, but there's a catch -- most of them are illegal aliens, smuggled into France from Africa, Albania, or the Middle East, and when police begin asking questions about Marie-Line's new cleaners, she has to scramble to cover for them.


Marie-Line Cast

Name Character
Muriel Robin She was 45, now 67 years old as Marie-Line
Aïssa Maïga She was 25, now 47 years old as Malika
Valérie Stroh She was 42, now 64 years old as Bergère
Antonia Malinova as Maïna
Marie Rivière She was 43, now 66 years old as Louise
Cylia Malki She was 25, now 47 years old as Laurence
Véronica Novak as Sara
Emmanuelle Laborit She was 29, now 51 years old as Inspector
Christian Sinniger He was 53, now 75 years old as Auguste
Gaëtan Gallier as Le boxeur
Fejria Deliba She was 50, now 73 years old as Meriem
M'bembo as Lagos
Fernand Guiot He was 68, now 90 years old as M. Van Link
Selma Kouchy She was 47, now 70 years old as Marnia
Yan Epstein as Léonard

Marie-Line Crew

Name Department
Mehdi Charef as Director. He was 48 (now 70) years old Directing
Mehdi Charef as Writer. He was 48 (now 70) years old Writing
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Marie-Line (22 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, December 20, 2000