Small Train Robbery (Mala pljačka vlaka) 38 years old

Small Train Robbery

Lika, Austro-Hungarian Empire, the year is 1918, the last year of WWI. In a wasteland rocky area, among ravines there is a small gendarmery police station with several gendarmes headed by sergeant Cokula. The area is controlled by a group of outlaws led by Todor nicknamed "The Terrible". Sergeant Cokula and Todor did not bother each other, until bandits robbed the emperor's inspector.


Small Train Robbery Cast

Name Character
Tanja Bošković She was 31, now 69 years old as Tatjana Petrovna
Mustafa Nadarević He was 41, now 79 years old as Paragraf
Fabijan Šovagović He was 52, 68 years old when he died as Grof Andrej Tihonov
Ilija Ivezić He was 57, 89 years old when he died as Cokulin žandar I
Danko Ljuština He was 32, now 71 years old as Milindža
Velimir "Bata" Živojinović He was 51, 82 years old when he died as Todor Strašni
Miodrag Krivokapić He was 24, now 63 years old as Narednik Cokula

Small Train Robbery Crew

Name Department
Small Train Robbery poster
Small Train Robbery (38 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, July 11, 1984
  • Runtime: 103 minutes