Legacy 10 years old

Set in the 1970s London during the height of the Cold War when a young spy discovers the disturbing truth about his father's complex past. Based on Alan Judd's 2001 novel Legacy, the second in the Thoroughgood series after 1981's A Breed Of Heroes (adapted by the BBC in 1994). As the three day week, petrol rationing and industrial strife plunge Britain into a state of emergency, MI6 trainee spy Charles Thoroughgood is asked to reconnect with an old university friend, Russian diplomat Viktor Koslov, with a view to 'turning' him. Viktor has his own agenda, though, and reveals a shocking truth about Charles's own family that threatens to derail him, both personally and professionally. He is catapulted into a dangerous personal odyssey to uncover the truth but finds himself drawn into a lethal KGB plot to mount an attack within the UK. His life is further complicated by a relationship with the wife of another agent, which forces him to realise that betrayal can take many forms.


Legacy Cast

Name Character
Andrew Scott He was 37, now 47 years old as Viktor Koslov
Charlie Cox He was 30, now 41 years old as Charles Thoroughgood
Romola Garai She was 31, now 41 years old as Anna March
Geraldine James She was 63, now 73 years old as Martha
Richard McCabe He was 53, now 64 years old as Gerry
Charlotte Randle as Emily
Simon Russell Beale He was 52, now 63 years old as Hookey
Robert Ashby He was 239, 245 years old when he died as Annikov
Olivia Grant She was 30, now 40 years old as Eva Pym
Christian McKay He was 40, now 50 years old as Hugo March

Legacy Crew

Name Department
Pete Travis as Director. He was 13 (now 24) years old Directing
Paula Milne as Writer. She was 66 (now 77) years old Writing
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Legacy (10 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, November 28, 2013
  • Runtime: 90 minutes