Le rose di Danzica 44 years old

The plagued climate of the era is realized in the encounter and later in the friendship between the general Konrad Von Der Berg, who refused to command a ruthless suppression of opponents and from whose diary the story is drawn, and Eric Von Lehner Baron, who has orders to escort Von Der Berg to a prison camp.


Le rose di Danzica Cast

Name Character
Franco Nero He was 38, now 82 years old as General Konrad von Der Berg
Roberto Posse He was 36, now 80 years old as Herbert von Lehner
Macha Méril She was 39, now 83 years old as Elvira von Lehner
Helmut Berger He was 35, now 79 years old as Baron Erich von Lehner
Olga Karlatos She was 32, now 76 years old as Margarethe
Franco Javarone He was 36, now 80 years old as Klaus von Knobelsdorf

Le rose di Danzica Crew

Name Department
Filiberto Bandini as Producer. Production
Giuseppe Aquari as Director of Photography. He was 63 (66) years old when He died Camera
Raimondo Crociani as Editor. He was 33 (now 77) years old Editing
Mario Molli as Production Design. He was 47 (75) years old when He died Art
Alberto Bevilacqua as Director. He was 45 (79) years old when He died Directing
Alberto Bevilacqua as Writer. He was 45 (79) years old when He died Writing
Le rose di Danzica poster
Le rose di Danzica (44 years)

  • Release day: Friday, November 23, 1979
  • Runtime: 270 minutes