L'amour ou presque 37 years old

Without warning, Mélie disembarks on the cargo ship where her father has the sailor's blues. He remembers his drifts and his friend Max who used to get him into some crazy situations. He remembers Alice and Luc whom he decided to avenge. He has his grenade ready. But Melie has just arrived.


L'amour ou presque Cast

Name Character
Julie Delpy She was 15, now 53 years old
Jean-François Balmer He was 39, now 76 years old
Elisabeth Kaza She was 61, 79 years old when she died
Michel Robin He was 55, now 92 years old
Yves Arnault
Élisabeth Depardieu She was 44, now 81 years old
Jean-Pierre Kalfon He was 47, now 84 years old
Bernard Fresson He was 54, 71 years old when he died
Hippolyte Girardot He was 30, now 67 years old
Gilles Détroit He was 29, now 66 years old
Maud Rayer She was 32, now 70 years old
Claude Melki He was 46, 54 years old when he died
Jean-Louis Foulquier He was 42, 70 years old when he died

L'amour ou presque Crew

Name Department
Françoise London as Editor. Editing
Pierre Geller as Writer. He was 35 (now 73) years old Writing
L'amour ou presque (37 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, November 20, 1985
  • Runtime: 88 minutes