Lamerica 30 years old


Fiore, an Italian conman, arrives in post Communist Albania with Gino, his young apprentice, to set up a shoe factory that will never open. The con requires a native Albanian, so they designate Spiro, an impoverished and confused former political prisoner as chairman of the board. When Fiore returns to Italy to get government funds for the project, Spiro unexpectedly disappears and Gino sets out on a journey to find him. The search leads him to discover Spiro's tragic personal history and witness Albanian poverty firsthand.


Lamerica Cast

Name Character
Michele Placido He was 47, now 78 years old as Fiore
Enrico Lo Verso He was 29, now 60 years old as Gino
Piro Milkani He was 54, now 85 years old as Selimi

Lamerica Crew

Name Department
Andrea Porporati as Screenplay. He was 30 (now 60) years old Writing
Gianni Amelio as Director. He was 48 (now 79) years old Directing
Gianni Amelio as Screenplay. He was 48 (now 79) years old Writing
Alessandro Sermoneta as Screenplay. Writing
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Lamerica (30 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, January 01, 1994
  • Runtime: 116 minutes