La lozana andaluza 47 years old

In 16th century Rome, Rampín, a friendly and shameless rogue, exploits his arts of deception. He lives with his aunt, Napolitana, a pimp dedicated to the same trades as his nephew. With the arrival of a beautiful Andalusian, Lozana, her fortune enters their house by making her the most beautiful courtesan in Rome. Lozana and Rampín reach an agreement: he will be at her service, taking her lovers home, and she will treat him like a king and give him the best, something that others will never have. But one fine day, Don Sancho, a handsome Spaniard, falls in love with her.


La lozana andaluza Cast

Name Character
Antonio Casas was 64, 70 years old when died as Castruccio
Diana Lorys She was 35, now 83 years old as Napolitana
Maria Rosaria Omaggio She was 19, now 67 years old as Lozana
Rafael Alonso He was 56, 78 years old when he died as Trigo
Enzo Cerusico He was 38, 53 years old when he died as Rampín
Mirta Miller She was 28, now 75 years old as Aviñonesa
Fedra Lorente She was 24, now 72 years old as Polidora
Francisco Cecilio He was 34, now 82 years old as Cardenal
Josele Román She was 27, now 75 years old as Pellegrina
Carlos Ballesteros He was 40, 75 years old when he died as Don Sancho de Villafáñez
Emilio Fornet He was 78, 87 years old when he died as Maestresala Perugino
José María Prada He was 52, 54 years old when he died as Don Rodrigo

La lozana andaluza Crew

Name Department
Raúl Pérez Cubero as Director of Photography. He was 42 (now 90) years old Camera
Antón García Abril as Music. He was 43 (now 90) years old Sound
Vicente Escrivá as Director. He was 63 (85) years old when He died Directing
Vicente Escrivá as Writer. He was 63 (85) years old when He died Writing
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La lozana andaluza (47 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, September 14, 1976
  • Runtime: 98 minutes