Woman of Wonders (La donna delle meraviglie) 38 years old

In a straightforward yet unexceptional rendering of the life and loves of Alberto (Ben Gazzara), a writer/director approaching the hill though not yet over it, director Alberto Bevilacqua has used his own experiences to fashion a conventional tale about a search for the "perfect woman." His mettlesome neighbor Luisa (Lina Sastri) just will not leave him alone; she was the reason why he ended his marriage to Maura (Claudia Cardinale), but Alberto considers their affair dead and buried. Recently, an anonymous "dream woman" has been calling him for some seductive phone exchanges. As he searches out the identity of the mystery caller he is also distracted by Luisa who starts to insinuate herself back into his affections. Sooner or later, Alberto will just have to decide how to handle his love life, which in the end may only be mesmerizing to himself alone.


Woman of Wonders Cast

Name Character
Claudia Cardinale She was 46, now 85 years old
Lina Sastri She was 34, now 73 years old
Ben Gazzara He was 54, 81 years old when he died
Fabrizio Bentivoglio He was 28, now 66 years old
Flavio Bucci He was 37, 72 years old when he died
Angela Goodwin She was 59, now 98 years old
Orazio Orlando He was 47, 53 years old when he died

Woman of Wonders Crew

Name Department
Alberto Bevilacqua as Director. He was 50 (79) years old when He died Directing
Woman of Wonders poster
Woman of Wonders (38 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, January 13, 1985
  • Runtime: 106 minutes