Dark Crown (Koronang Itim) 29 years old

Adana De Guia is a famous actress whose career is beginning to slip down the limelight while Eva Cristobal is a fanatic who loves Adana so much that she will do anything for her idol. Adana helped Eva to become her personal assistant, also gave her a break in one of her movie, unknowingly that Eva was just using her to be able to reach her dream of becoming a big star. Eva succeeded in her plans but cannot find true happiness that Adana has.


Dark Crown Cast

Name Character
Tirso Cruz III He was 36, now 65 years old
Snooky Serna She was 28, now 57 years old
Ai-Ai de las Alas She was 29, now 59 years old
Gloria Diaz She was 43, now 72 years old
Sharmaine Arnaiz She was 19, now 49 years old

Dark Crown Crew

Name Department
Marya Ignacio as Editor. Editing
Ike Jarlego, Jr. as Editor. He was 49 (68) years old when He died Editing
Dark Crown (29 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, April 28, 1994