I'm Ellenya L. 4 years old

Ellenya's life revolves around social media just like a typical millennial; seeking validation from the online society. With aspirations of being a big influencer and vlogger, she chases her dreams by creating a persona and content with the help of her family and friends. Will Ellenya earn online fame or will she be an epic fail?


I'm Ellenya L. Cast

Name Character
Francine Prieto She was 37, now 41 years old
Nova Villa She was 72, now 77 years old
Gio Alvarez He was 47, now 51 years old
Sue Ramirez She was 23, now 27 years old

I'm Ellenya L. Crew

Name Department
Tey Clamor as Director of Photography. Camera
Joyce E. Bernal as Producer. Production
Malou N. Santos as Producer. Production
I'm Ellenya L. poster
I'm Ellenya L. (4 years)

  • Release day: Friday, September 13, 2019
  • Runtime: 79 minutes