Hot Rod Girl 67 years old

Teenage terrorists tearing up the streets!

Hot Rod Girl

After his kid brother is killed in a street race, a champion drag-racer quits racing. However, a new kid comes to town determined to force him back into racing so he can take his title--and he's already taken his girlfriend.When his younger brother, Steve, is killed racing a hot-rod, Jeff Northup blames himself for the accident since he had built the car for his brother and had encouraged him to race it, with other boys on a special course provided by police detective Ben Merrill, who is working to reduce the city's hot-rod fatalities by providing supervision for the dangerous hobby. Jeff withdraws from participating in races on Merrill's course and, without his leadership, reverts to racing on the streets. "Bronc" Talbott, a newcomer, makes a play for Jeff's girlfriend, Lisa Vernon. Eventually, the taunting-Talbott forces Jeff into a race which results in the death of a bicycling child, and evidence seems to indicate Jeff was at fault.


Hot Rod Girl Cast

Name Character
Chuck Connors He was 35, 71 years old when he died as Detective Ben Merrill
Lori Nelson She was 22, now 90 years old as Lisa Vernon
Frank Gorshin He was 23, 72 years old when he died as Flat Top
Roxanne Arlen She was 25, 58 years old when she died as L.P.
Fred Essler He was 61, 77 years old when he died as Yo-Yo
Carolyn Kearney She was 25, 75 years old when she died as Judy
John Smith He was 158, 197 years old when he died as Jeff Northrup
Del Erickson as Steve Northrup
Mark Andrews He was 12, now 55 years old as Bronc Talbott
Eddie Ryder He was 33, 74 years old when he died as Two Tanks

Hot Rod Girl Crew

Name Department
Leslie H. Martinson as Director. She was 41 (101) years old when She died Directing
John McGreevey as Writer. He was 33 (87) years old when He died Writing
Hot Rod Girl poster
Hot Rod Girl (67 years)

Teenage terrorists tearing up the streets!

  • Release day: Wednesday, July 04, 1956
  • Runtime: 79 minutes