Halleluja for Django (La più grande rapina del west) 55 years old

Halleluja for Django

After robbing $500,000, the Jarret gang hides in a small isolated western town, where they are waiting for a scout to take them through the desert to Mexico. But the unresolved conflicts between Jarret and El Santo, the brains of the bandits, who has also an eye on Jarret's girlfriend, become a problem amongst the bandits. And there is also an underestimated scalawag named Billy Rum and his friend Mark, who are trying to help the captured citizens.


Halleluja for Django Cast

Name Character
Jack Betts He was 38, now 94 years old as Padre Santo / David Phaylard
Erika Blanc She was 25, now 80 years old as Jenny
Luciano Rossi He was 32, 70 years old when he died as Astola
Luciano Catenacci He was 34, 57 years old when he died as Jarrett Gang
George Hilton He was 33, 85 years old when he died as Billy 'Rum' Cooney / Django
Tom Felleghy He was 45, now 101 years old as Sheriff Ray Norman
Federico Boido He was 27, 74 years old when he died as Jarrett Gang
Mario Brega He was 44, 71 years old when he died as Andreas / Yanaro
Walter Barnes He was 62, 34 years old when he died as Key Jarrett / Clay Thomas
Katia Christine She was 21, now 77 years old as Katie O'Brien
Luigi Casellato as Bartender
Salvatore Borgese He was 30, now 86 years old as Jarrett Gang
Paolo Magalotti as Jarrett Gang
Jeff Cameron He was 32, 15 years old when he died as Mark
Sarah Ross as Mara
Enzo Fiermonte He was 59, 84 years old when he died as Sheriff Martin Cooney

Halleluja for Django Crew

Name Department
Riccardo Pallottini as Cinematography. He was 59 (72) years old when He died Crew
Augusto Caminito as Screenplay. He was 28 (now 83) years old Writing
Maurizio Lucidi as Director. He was 35 (72) years old when He died Directing
Renzo Lucidi as Editor. Editing
Augusto Finocchi as Story. Writing
Augusto Finocchi as Screenplay. Writing
Franco Cittadini as Producer. Production
Stenio Fiorentini as Producer. Production
Claudio Maiello as Production Design. Art
Halleluja for Django poster
Halleluja for Django (55 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, October 28, 1967
  • Runtime: 103 minutes