Griechische Küsse 14 years old

Vanessa is a youth of 30 years that is euphoric with the preparations of his marriage. When his fiancé Tim travels for the Greece to work, he looks to be more and more discouraged with the fact of become a married man and finds a beautiful motive for feel of that form. Then Vanessa does his suitcases and goes to the meeting of its big love. In the flight she knows an attractive one and tempting youth called Janis that help-her it get ready with her own fiancé, putting him in an extremely embarrassing situation, to which she same save-him. Tim recognizes all the love and effort of his fiancée and begs for the its pardon, it asking once again in marriage. But it will be that she is going to accept?


Griechische Küsse Cast

Name Character
Michael Degen He was 76, now 91 years old as Costas
Wanja Mues He was 35, now 50 years old as Tim
Verena Plangger She was 53, now 67 years old as Marietta
Manuel Cortez He was 29, now 44 years old as Janis
Judith Pinnow She was 35, now 50 years old as Braut

Griechische Küsse Crew

Name Department
Felix Dünnemann as Director. He was 46 (now 60) years old Directing
Nicholas Hause as Writer. Writing
Griechische Küsse poster
Griechische Küsse (14 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, November 25, 2008
  • Runtime: 88 minutes