Gaston Lagaffe 6 years old

Gaston Lagaffe

Gaston is a new guy at the Peticoin start-up. With his delusional inventions, he will change the lives of his colleagues. Cat, seagull, cow, and gaffophone will be at the center of the mishaps of this genius laidback handyman who wants only to do good, but has the gift of annoying Prunelle, his boss. Can those Gaston's gaffes galore prevent the buy-out of the Peticoin by Mr. de Mesmaeker?


Gaston Lagaffe Cast

Name Character
Alison Wheeler She was 46, now 52 years old as Mademoiselle Jeanne
Arnaud Ducret He was 39, now 45 years old as Longtarin
Jérôme Commandeur He was 41, now 48 years old as M. de Mesmaeker
Franc Bruneau as Lebrac
Pierre-François Martin-Laval He was 49, now 55 years old as Prunelle
Théo Fernandez He was 19, now 25 years old as Gaston Lagaffe
Maka Sidibe as Jeff

Gaston Lagaffe Crew

Name Department
Franck Schwarz as Production Design. Art
Régis Blondeau as Director of Photography. Camera
Romain Rojtman as Producer. Production
Gaston Lagaffe poster
Gaston Lagaffe (6 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, April 04, 2018
  • Runtime: 82 minutes