Galaxies Are Colliding 26 years old

It's not science fiction. It's something else.

Black comedy about a normal guy, about to get married, who starts to question all things of a cosmic significance. He starts seeing only The Big Picture, ignoring trivialities (like his wife having a mock affair to get his attention), and gradually withdraws into himself. Told in flashback and retrospect at his funeral from the perspective of his friends and colleagues, we see the characters he encounters on his voyage of enlightenment - including the girl he falls for, and the escaped asylum patient in the middle of the desert who converses only by means of celebrity impersonations... Written by Cynan Rees


Galaxies Are Colliding Cast

Name Character
Kelsey Grammer He was 42, now 69 years old as Peter
Susan Walters She was 34, now 60 years old as Beth
Rick Overton He was 43, now 69 years old as Rex
Karen Medak as Margo
James Kevin Ward as the Psycho
Dwier Brown He was 38, now 65 years old as Adam

Galaxies Are Colliding Crew

Name Department
Stephen Barber as Cinematography. He was 24 (now 50) years old Crew
Galaxies Are Colliding poster
Galaxies Are Colliding (26 years)

It's not science fiction. It's something else.

  • Release day: Tuesday, January 06, 1998
  • Runtime: 93 minutes