Freedom Strike 25 years old

Freedom Strike

When a peace treaty between America and Syria is thwarted, the renegade head of the Syrian army retaliates in a major way. He steals a nuclear weapon that only the Freedom Strike team can stop! Cue an action-packed race against time to save the world.


Freedom Strike Cast

Name Character
Michael Dudikoff He was 43, now 69 years old as Tom Dickson
James Karen He was 74, 94 years old when he died as President Mitchell
Tone Lōc He was 32, now 57 years old as Tyler Haynes
Nicolas Coster He was 64, now 89 years old as Adm. Torrance
Michael Fairman He was 64, now 89 years old as Gen. Porter
Penny Peyser She was 47, now 72 years old as Linda
Felicity Waterman She was 33, now 58 years old as Maddie Reese
Frank Roman He was 121, 51 years old when he died as Casey Billups

Freedom Strike Crew

Name Department
Tony Giglio as Screenplay. He was 27 (now 52) years old Writing
Jerry P. Jacobs as Director. Directing
Freedom Strike poster
Freedom Strike (25 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, September 26, 1998
  • Runtime: 93 minutes