Flashman 56 years old

Batman in red tights


Though set in England, Flashman is another fun Italian production from the late 60s that leans on -attempted- humor and is heavily inspired by Batman. He's even got a very Battish theme song…. The somewhat convoluted plot concerns two gang of thieves who rob the same bank. One is a band of babes headed by a ruthless woman; the other is a group of thugs lead by a guy who has a serum that can turn anyone invisible. The employee they rob is none other than Flashman in disguise.


Flashman Cast

Name Character
Micaela Pignatelli She was 21, now 77 years old as Nevenka
Paolo Gozlino He was 38, 63 years old when he died as Lord Alex Burman / Flashman
Ivano Staccioli He was 40, 68 years old when he died as Kid
Dada Gallotti She was 32, now 88 years old as Alika in black
Claudie Lange She was 23, now 79 years old as Alika
Seyna Seyn as Flower
Mirella Pamphili She was 20, now 77 years old
Marisa Traversi She was 30, 81 years old when she died
Emilio Messina He was 31, 71 years old when he died as Kid's Henchman
Jack Ary He was 47, 54 years old when he died as Inspector Baxter

Flashman Crew

Name Department
Mino Loy as Director. He was 33 (now 89) years old Directing
Ernesto Gastaldi as Writer. He was 32 (now 89) years old Writing
Florian Trenker as Director of Photography. He was 36 (72) years old when He died Camera
Franco Tamponi as Original Music Composer. He was 42 (85) years old when He died Sound
Flashman poster
Flashman (56 years)

Batman in red tights

  • Release day: Saturday, April 08, 1967
  • Runtime: 96 minutes