Five Times Two (5x2) 19 years old

Five Times Two

As young French couple Gilles and Marion officially separate, we see, in reverse order, the milestone moments in their relationship: Gilles revealing his unfaithfulness at a tense dinner party; Marion giving birth to their premature son while Gilles is elsewhere; Gilles and Marion's joyous wedding; and, finally, the fateful moment when they meet as acquaintances at an Italian beach resort, and their love affair begins.


Five Times Two Cast

Name Character
Géraldine Pailhas She was 34, now 53 years old as Valérie
Marc Ruchmann He was 23, now 43 years old as Mathieu
Michael Lonsdale He was 73, now 92 years old as Bernard
Françoise Fabian She was 72, now 92 years old as Monique
Antoine Chappey He was 45, now 64 years old as Christophe
Stéphane Freiss He was 44, now 63 years old as Gilles
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi She was 40, now 59 years old as Marion
Jean-Pol Brissart as le juge
Eliane Kherris as l'avocate
Pierre Chollet as le père de Gilles
Sylvie Debrun as l'échographiste
Jason Tavassoli as l'américain
Marie-Madeleine Fouquet as la mère de Gilles
Yannis Belkacem as Nicolas
Jean Neisser as le maire
Ninon Brétécher She was 30, now 50 years old as Sophie

Five Times Two Crew

Name Department
Yorick Le Saux as Director of Photography. He was 36 (now 55) years old Camera
Monica Coleman as Editor. She was 31 (now 50) years old Editing
Brigitte Taillandier as Sound Engineer. She was 55 (now 74) years old Sound
Pascaline Chavanne as Costume Design. She was 5 (now 24) years old Costume & Make-Up
François Ozon as Director. He was 37 (now 56) years old Directing
François Ozon as Screenplay. He was 37 (now 56) years old Writing
Jean-Pierre Duret as Sound Engineer. He was 51 (now 70) years old Sound
Five Times Two poster
Five Times Two (19 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, September 01, 2004
  • Runtime: 90 minutes