Eyes Behind the Wall (L'occhio dietro la parete) 46 years old

The movie starts with a scene of a young man raping and murdering a woman on a train. Later he rents a room from an elderly wheelchair-bound voyeur and his much younger wife. The elderly man enjoys watching the younger man through the a hole in the wall where he has set up a periscope-like device. The first thing he sees, for instance, is the younger man get forcibly raped by a big black guy he has picked up at a cheesy disco. Then he sends his wife over to seduce the young man, and its eventually revealed the true nature of the couple's relationship and how he came to be in the wheelchair.


Eyes Behind the Wall Cast

Name Character
Roberto Posse He was 33, now 80 years old
John Phillip Law He was 39, 70 years old when he died as Arturo
Fernando Rey He was 59, 76 years old when he died as Ivano
Mónica Zanchi She was 18, now 64 years old as Lucilla
Enzo Robutti He was 43, now 90 years old
Olga Bisera She was 28, now 74 years old as Olga
John P. Dulaney He was 30, now 76 years old as Chuck
Jho Jhenkins
José Quaglio He was 54, 83 years old when he died as Ottavio

Eyes Behind the Wall Crew

Name Department
Cristiano Pogany as Director of Photography. He was 29 (51) years old when He died Camera
Giuliano Petrelli as Director. He was 22 (now 23) years old Directing
Giuliano Petrelli as Writer. He was 22 (now 23) years old Writing
Gianmaria Messeri as Editor. Editing
Enzo Gallo as Producer. Production
Giuseppe Caruso as Original Music Composer. Sound
Eyes Behind the Wall poster
Eyes Behind the Wall (46 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, June 07, 1977
  • Runtime: 85 minutes