Dust Up 11 years old

It's going down.

Dust Up is a kick ass action comedy served up by Ward Roberts and starring Amber Benson that will make you laugh, gasp and punch the person you're sitting ...


Dust Up Cast

Name Character
Victoria De Mare She was 38, now 49 years old as Diane
Ward Roberts He was 34, now 45 years old as Man Sodomized by Buzz
Travis Betz He was 35, now 46 years old as Herman
Galicia Vaca Lopez as Tammy
Amber Benson She was 35, now 46 years old as Ella
Allison Poccia as Buzz's Freak
Ezra Buzzington He was 55, now 66 years old as Sheriff Nathan Haggler
Jeremiah Birkett as Buzz
Mousa Kraish He was 37, now 48 years old as Farmer
Kayla Barr as Chuckles
Francheska Bardacke as Marissa
Aaron Gaffey as Jack
Christian Badami as Shakes
Devin Barry as Mo
Keith Barletta as Mel
John Karyus as Cookie
Al Burke as Mr. Lizard

Dust Up Crew

Name Department
Ward Roberts as Director. He was 34 (now 45) years old Directing
Ward Roberts as Editor. He was 34 (now 45) years old Editing
Ward Roberts as Producer. He was 34 (now 45) years old Production
Ward Roberts as Screenplay. He was 34 (now 45) years old Writing
Kirpatrick Thomas as Music. Sound
Hannah Cooper as Casting. She was 33 (now 44) years old Production
Christian Badami as Associate Producer. Production
Galicia Vaca Lopez as Producer. Production
Shannon Hourigan as Cinematography. Crew
Molly O'Haver as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Dust Up poster
Dust Up (11 years)

It's going down.

  • Release day: Friday, October 26, 2012
  • Runtime: 94 minutes