Drop-Out Father 41 years old

Successful advertising executive decides to get out of the rat race but the family rebels at the new lifestyle he outlines. He and his youngest daughter leave the suburbs for a Manhattan loft apartment while the rest of the brood -- wife and three kids -- re-evaluate the situation. For his engaging score, Peter Matz won an Emmy Award nomination.


Drop-Out Father Cast

Name Character
Bill Erwin He was 67, 96 years old when he died as Grandpa
Shannon Tweed She was 25, now 66 years old as Beautiful Woman
William Daniels He was 55, now 96 years old as Draper Wright
Dick Van Dyke He was 56, now 98 years old as Ed McCall
George Wyner He was 36, now 78 years old as Dr. Irving Lefkowitz
Mariette Hartley She was 42, now 83 years old as Katherine McCall
George Coe He was 53, 86 years old when he died as Kannon Rush
Rhea Perlman She was 34, now 75 years old as Tawney Shapiro
Arthur Rosenberg He was 92, 53 years old when he died as Marty Zimmerman
Monte Markham He was 47, now 88 years old as Tony Malgrado
Susan Ruttan She was 34, now 75 years old as Woman Prude
Ernie Lively He was 35, now 77 years old as Conductor (as Ernie Brown)
Marianne McAndrew She was 39, now 81 years old as Diane
Jeff Altman He was 31, now 72 years old as Harry
Terri Berland as Stewardess
Claudia Lonow She was 19, now 61 years old as Peggy McCall

Drop-Out Father Crew

Name Department
Drop-Out Father poster
Drop-Out Father (41 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, September 26, 1982
  • Runtime: 100 minutes