Don't Cry Now 16 years old

Don't Cry Now

Bonnie didn't rush when Joan, her husband Ross' ex, phoned to warn her that she and her daughter, Amanda, were in danger, but when she finally arrives she finds Joan stabbed to death. Bonnie and Ross now must take in Joan's children - Sam, who feels bitterly abandoned by Ross, and his flippant sister. Meanwhile Bonnie and police captain Kessler wonder who murdered Joan, why, and what part Nick, Bonnie's brother, had to play. Nick was recently released from jail and moved back in with their father.


Don't Cry Now Cast

Name Character
Leslie Hope She was 42, now 58 years old
Jason Priestley He was 37, now 54 years old
Cameron Bancroft He was 40, now 56 years old
Hannes Jaenicke He was 47, now 64 years old
Julia Maxwell as Lauren
Brooklynn Proulx She was 8, now 24 years old

Don't Cry Now Crew

Name Department
Jason Priestley as Director. He was 37 (now 54) years old Directing
Dave Schultz as Writer. He was 48 (36) years old when He died Writing
Joy Fielding as Novel. She was 62 (now 79) years old Writing
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Don't Cry Now (16 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, July 28, 2007
  • Runtime: 90 minutes