Deep Core 23 years old

Deep Core

A powerful laser machine rips the core of the earth causing earthquakes and tsunamis, and only one man and his team can save the planet from destruction. Will they succeed?


Deep Core Cast

Name Character
Wil Wheaton He was 28, now 51 years old as Rodney Bedecker
James Russo He was 47, now 71 years old as Darryl Simmons
Bruce McGill He was 50, now 73 years old as Sam Dalton
Kenneth Choi He was 29, now 52 years old as Wayne Lung
François Chau He was 40, now 64 years old as Crewmember
James Lew He was 48, now 71 years old as Lou Chang
Harry Van Gorkum He was 0, now 24 years old as Alan Morrisey
Terry Farrell She was 36, now 60 years old as Allison Saunders
Craig Sheffer He was 40, now 64 years old as Brian Goodman
Bert Rosario He was 54, now 78 years old as Gonzalez
Judie Aronson She was 36, now 60 years old as Lilly
Dean Cameron He was 37, now 61 years old as Head Engineer
Donald Li He was 39, now 63 years old as Colonel Sun Po
Ron Yuan He was 27, now 51 years old as Chin Li
Marc McClure He was 43, now 67 years old as Mac (uncredited)

Deep Core Crew

Name Department
Rodney McDonald as Director. Directing
Phillip J. Roth as Story. He was 41 (now 65) years old Writing
Jim Christopher as Screenplay. Writing
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Deep Core (23 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, October 21, 2000
  • Runtime: 80 minutes