Children of Duke Schmidt (Deca vojvode Šmita) 54 years old

A group of WW2 orphans, now young people in their late teens, find out that one of them is a child of a war criminal. They are determined to discover his identity, even though this person could be any of them.


Children of Duke Schmidt Cast

Name Character
Olga Bisera She was 17, now 72 years old
Dragan Nikolić He was 23, 72 years old when he died
Ingrid Lotarius
Miodrag Andrić He was 23, 45 years old when he died
Milan Jelić He was 10, 51 years old when he died
Faruk Begolli He was 22, 63 years old when he died as Mirko
Vera Milošević
Jovan Janićijević 'Burduš'
Zorka Manojlović He was 37, 84 years old when he died
Zaim Muzaferija He was 43, 80 years old when he died

Children of Duke Schmidt Crew

Name Department
Vladimir Pavlovich as Director. Directing
Vladimir Pavlovich as Writer. Writing
Children of Duke Schmidt poster
Children of Duke Schmidt (54 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, January 01, 1967
  • Runtime: 84 minutes