Bunker Palace Hotel (Bunker Palace Hôtel) 35 years old

Bunker Palace Hotel

In an imaginary dictature of a futuristic world, rebellion has broken out. The men in power scramble to the Bunker Palace Hotel, a bunker built long ago for just this kind of contingency. But a rebel spy sneaks in, and although her nature is very quickly suspected, she is left to observe the raving of the decadent power class, who keeps wondering what happened to their leader, who has failed to show up.


Bunker Palace Hotel Cast

Name Character
Jean-Louis Trintignant He was 58, now 93 years old as Holm
Carole Bouquet She was 31, now 66 years old as Clara
Roger Dumas He was 56, 84 years old when he died as Zarka
Yann Collette He was 33, now 68 years old as Orsini
Philippe Morier-Genoud He was 44, now 80 years old as Destoop
Hans Meyer He was 130, 71 years old when he died as Le président
Svetozar Cvetković He was 30, now 66 years old as Marco
Benoît Régent He was 35, 41 years old when he died as Nikolaï
Jezabelle Amato as La Matrone
Jean-Pierre Léaud He was 44, now 80 years old as Solal
Maria Schneider She was 36, 58 years old when she died as Muriel

Bunker Palace Hotel Crew

Name Department
Alain Centonze as Executive Producer. Production
Maurice Bernart as Producer. He was 56 (now 91) years old Production
Enki Bilal as Director. He was 37 (now 72) years old Directing
Enki Bilal as Writer. He was 37 (now 72) years old Writing
Philippe Eidel as Music. He was 32 (61) years old when He died Sound
Pierre Christin as Writer. He was 50 (now 85) years old Writing
Arnaud Devos as Music. Sound
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Bunker Palace Hotel (35 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, June 06, 1989
  • Runtime: 95 minutes