Krocodylus 23 years old

Ride the next wave in terror.


A sleazy producer develops a concept he dubs "blood surfing" -- tossing bloody fish remains into the water to lure sharks and then surfing through the animals as they chomp about. Along with his camerawoman, the producer brings two thrill-seeking surfers to the coast of Florida to capture some gnarly footage. But, as they blood surf, they encounter something even more deadly: a colossal prehistoric crocodile intent on devouring them.


Krocodylus Cast

Name Character
Matt Borlenghi He was 34, now 57 years old as Zack Jardine
Maureen Larrazabal She was 21, now 44 years old as Lemmya Lofranco
Taryn Reif She was 25, now 48 years old as Arti
Susan Africa She was 42, now 65 years old as Melba Lofranco
Duncan Regehr He was 48, now 71 years old as John Dirks
Kate Fischer She was 27, now 50 years old as Cecily Howard
Joel West He was 26, now 49 years old as Jeremy
Archie Adamos as Joker
Dax Miller as Bog Hall
Cris Vertido as Sonny Lofranco
Rolly Sto. Domingo as Rolly

Krocodylus Crew

Name Department
Robert L. Levy as Writer. He was 100 (now 123) years old Writing
Sam Bernard as Writer. He was 138 (63) years old when He died Writing
James D.R. Hickox as Director. He was 36 (now 59) years old Directing
Krocodylus poster
Krocodylus (23 years)

Ride the next wave in terror.

  • Release day: Monday, December 04, 2000
  • Runtime: 89 minutes