Así es la Suerte 12 years old

Ramiro is a theater actor who lives estranged from his father and half brother. One morning, he runs into a suicide, who says he is an evil omen. Despite Ramiro´s efforts, the young man dies before his eyes, which leads him to believe that he has caught his bad luck. From then on, his life turns upside down, at the same time as he gets together with his family to fulfill his father´s last wish: to find the love of his life and say goodbye to her.


Así es la Suerte Cast

Name Character
Ernesto Gómez Cruz He was 77, now 90 years old as Esposo de Lidia
Alfonso Herrera He was 27, now 40 years old as Guillermo
Alejandra Ambrosi She was 23, now 36 years old as Ana
Carlos Cobos He was 52, 53 years old when he died
Valeria Maldonado as Clara
Moisés Arizmendi He was 35, now 47 years old
Silverio Palacios He was 44, now 56 years old as Brujo
Irene Azuela She was 31, now 44 years old as Mónica
Alejandro Calva He was 43, now 55 years old as Director
Mauricio Isaac He was 36, now 48 years old as Ramiro
Delia Casanova She was 62, now 75 years old as Lidia
Patricio Castillo He was 37, now 49 years old as Vicente
José Sefami
Fabiana Perzabal

Así es la Suerte Crew

Name Department
Genaro Hernández as Casting. He was 45 (45) years old when He died Production
Roberto Revilla as Set Dresser. Art
Mari Paz Robles as Makeup Designer. Costume & Make-Up
Así es la Suerte poster
Así es la Suerte (12 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, August 18, 2011