Apocalypse, California (Apocalypse, CA) 12 years old

Life's just an asteroid away.

Wry, cynical and full of off-beat humor, 'Apocalypse, CA' is the story of friends as they prepare for certain death at the hands of a massive asteroid, sex-inducing drugs, a three-hundred foot giant, and a horde of other absurd problems.


Apocalypse, California Cast

Name Character
Erin Bodine as Jacklyn
Sarah Smick as Cammy/Moley Mole
Elizabeth Sandy as Sassy Boots
Nick Mathis He was 28, now 41 years old as John
Alexander Cardinale He was 29, now 42 years old as Hank
Ryan Jordan as Jim
Anne McDaniels She was 11, now 24 years old as Renee

Apocalypse, California Crew

Name Department
Chad Peter as Director. Directing
Apocalypse, California poster
Apocalypse, California (12 years)

Life's just an asteroid away.

  • Release day: Tuesday, December 13, 2011
  • Runtime: 87 minutes