Angel 17 years old

A dreary city tenement provides backdrop to this tale of exclusion and the magic it takes to become accepted


Edwardian England. A precocious girl from a poor background with aspirations to being a novelist finds herself swept to fame and fortune when her tasteless romances hit the best seller lists. Her life changes in unexpected ways when she encounters an aristocratic brother and sister, both of whom have cultural ambitions, and both of whom fall in love with her.


Angel Cast

Name Character
Michael Fassbender He was 30, now 47 years old as Esmé
Una Stubbs She was 69, now 87 years old as Miss Dawson
Sam Neill He was 60, now 76 years old as Théo
Charlotte Rampling She was 61, now 78 years old as Hermione
Lucy Russell She was 35, now 52 years old as Nora Howe-Nevinson
Romola Garai She was 25, now 41 years old as Angel
Simon Woods He was 27, now 44 years old as Clive Fennelly
Tom Georgeson He was 70, now 86 years old as Marvell
Jemma Powell She was 27, now 43 years old as Angelica
Jacqueline Tong She was 55, now 73 years old as Mother Deverell
Janine Duvitski She was 55, now 72 years old as Aunt Lottie
Geoffrey Streatfeild He was 32, now 49 years old as Sebastian
Rosanna Lavelle She was 28, now 44 years old as Lady Irania
Christopher Benjamin He was 72, now 89 years old as Lord Norley
Teresa Churcher as Governess
Roger Morlidge He was 37, now 54 years old as Journalist
Seymour Matthews as Norley Doctor

Angel Crew

Name Department
Olivier Delbosc as Producer. He was 39 (now 55) years old Production
Marc Missonnier as Producer. He was 36 (now 53) years old Production
Philippe Rombi as Original Music Composer. He was 39 (now 56) years old Sound
Denis Lenoir as Director of Photography. He was 58 (now 75) years old Camera
Pascaline Chavanne as Costume Design. She was 7 (now 24) years old Costume & Make-Up
Tanya Seghatchian as Executive Producer. She was 39 (now 56) years old Production
Elizabeth Taylor as Novel. She was 75 (79) years old when She died Writing
Muriel Breton as Editor. Editing
François Ozon as Director. He was 39 (now 56) years old Directing
François Ozon as Screenplay. He was 39 (now 56) years old Writing
Martin Crimp as Dialogue. He was 51 (now 68) years old Writing
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Angel (17 years)

A dreary city tenement provides backdrop to this tale of exclusion and the magic it takes to become accepted

  • Release day: Saturday, February 17, 2007
  • Runtime: 134 minutes
  • Budget: 15000000.00