About Crying (Lo bueno de llorar) 18 years old

About Crying is a story about a relationship that is close to end. Vera and Alejandro are facing a long night with decisions, doubts, fears, lies, silence and arguments. This story is a trip from the high Barcelona to the sea.


About Crying Cast

Name Character
Nora Navas She was 31, now 49 years old
Paul Berrondo He was 39, now 57 years old
Eloi Yebra He was 25, now 43 years old
Àlex Brendemühl He was 33, now 51 years old as Alejandro
Biel Durán He was 22, now 40 years old
Biel Durán He was 22, now 40 years old as Amic
Vicenta N'Dongo She was 37, now 56 years old as Vera
Bruto Pomeroy He was 48, now 66 years old

About Crying Crew

Name Department
Matías Bize as Director. He was 26 (now 44) years old Directing
About Crying poster
About Crying (18 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, May 28, 2006
  • Runtime: 80 minutes