A Passage to Ottawa 21 years old

Omi, a seven-year old East Indian boy is sent to Ottawa to live with his uncle due to his mother's illness back home. He has no father and unaware that his mother is likely to die, Omi believes that he is on a mission to find a hero to take back to India to save her. Omi connects emotionally with Roland, the captain of a local tour boat who in turn begins a romance with Safia, Omi's fiesty teenage cousin who is assigned to take care of him.


A Passage to Ottawa Cast

Name Character
Jim Codrington as Roland
Franceen Brodkin as Maggie
Dan Beamish as Pilot
Amy Sobol as Safia
Nabil Mehta as Omi
Ivan Smith He was 49, now 49 years old as Jalal

A Passage to Ottawa Crew

Name Department
Gaurav Seth as Director. Directing
Jameel Khaja as Writer. Writing
A Passage to Ottawa (21 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, September 23, 2001
  • Runtime: 90 minutes