À mort la mort ! 23 years old

The idea for this film about a generation and its lost ideals came to Romain Goupil after attending several funerals of friends in the fall of 1996, where the '68 generation, now in influential positions in media or politics, kept meeting each other. It seemed as if the revolution that they had tried to make was being buried with each coffin. A MORT LA MORT is in some ways an homage to this generation, now in their fifties. They were a privileged generation that thought that they could change the world, doing everything that their parents failed to do. There were no actual deaths in France as there were in Germany or Italy, but the system was not ideal for personal issues or for love. There was always a scapegoat for the injustices of the world, be it capitalism or imperialism. That way the blame could be placed somewhere else. Some of the '68 generation are still faithful to the principles of their youth and still continue to fight for the illusions of the past.


À mort la mort ! Cast

Name Character
Brigitte Fontaine She was 60, now 83 years old as Viviane
Marianne Denicourt She was 33, now 56 years old as Hermeline
Nozha Khouadra She was 46, now 69 years old as Chiara
Christine Murillo She was 48, now 71 years old as Rosalie
Brigitte Roüan She was 52, now 75 years old as Josiane
Romain Goupil He was 48, now 71 years old as Thomas
Jacques Nolot He was 56, now 79 years old as Michel
Pascal Elso He was 44, now 67 years old as Fenec
Marcel Bozonnet He was 55, now 78 years old as Gérard
Brigitte Catillon She was 48, now 71 years old as Véronique
Bernard Bloch He was 49, 15 years old when he died as Bernard
Dominique Frot She was 37, now 60 years old as Agnès
Anne Alvaro She was 47, now 70 years old as Florence

À mort la mort ! Crew

Name Department
William Lubtchansky as Director of Photography. He was 61 (72) years old when He died Camera
Isabelle Devinck as Editor. Editing
Richard Rousseau as Casting. Production
Jean-Baptiste Poirot as Production Design. Art
Areski Belkacem as Original Music Composer. He was 59 (now 82) years old Sound
Charlotte David as Costume Design. She was 234 (61) years old when She died Costume & Make-Up
À mort la mort ! (23 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, September 01, 1999
  • Runtime: 90 minutes