400 Days 8 years old

Time to Kill

400 Days

4 would be astronauts spend 400 days in a land locked space simulator to test the psychological effects of deep space travel but, when something goes terribly wrong and they are forced to leave the simulation, they discover that everything on earth has changed. Is this real or is the simulation on a higher level than they could have ever imagined?


400 Days Cast

Name Character
Brandon Routh He was 36, now 44 years old as Theo
Tom Cavanagh He was 52, now 60 years old as Zell
Dane Cook He was 43, now 52 years old as Dvorak
Fernanda Romero She was 32, now 40 years old as Zia
Caity Lotz She was 28, now 37 years old as Emily
Frank Ashmore He was 70, now 79 years old as Garcia
Sally Pressman She was 34, now 42 years old as Darla
Ben Feldman He was 35, now 44 years old as Bug
Grant Bowler He was 47, now 55 years old as Walter
Mark Steger He was 53, now 62 years old as Creature

400 Days Crew

Name Department
Gabriel Cowan as Producer. He was 42 (now 50) years old Production
John Suits as Producer. He was 32 (now 41) years old Production
Bastien Benkhelil as Foley. Sound
Matt Osterman as Director. He was 37 (now 46) years old Directing
Matt Osterman as Writer. He was 37 (now 46) years old Writing
Bo Hakala as Director of Photography. Camera
Steve Neal as Sound Designer. He was 66 (55) years old when He died Sound
400 Days poster
400 Days (8 years)

Time to Kill

  • Release day: Thursday, October 29, 2015
  • Runtime: 91 minutes