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Donald Hall, 89 American writer
Larry Hryb, 44 Xbox Live's Major Nelson
Carl Zimmer, 54 Science writer and blogger
David Isay, 53 American radio producer
Nick Newman, 62
Peter Schiff, 51 American businessman
Lawrence Summers, 65 Former US Secretary of the Treasury
David Sirota, 44 American blogger
Michiko Kakutani, 65 American writer
Craig Breslow, 40 American baseball player
Chris Wysopal, 54 Computer Security Expert
Ed Cherry, 65 musician band leader
Andy Bloch, 51 American poker player
FaltyDL, 37 Musician from U.S.
Rita Gunther McGrath, 61
Norman Lear, 98 American television writer and producer
Thomas Sadoski, 44 American actor
Alphonso McAuley, 36 American actor
Kenny Johnson, 57 American actor
Sly Williams, 62 American basketball player
Jim Breyer, 59 American businessman
Negin Farsad, 42 Comedian
Floyd Little, 78 Player of American football
Katherine Clark, 57 American politician
Wayne Pacelle, 55 American businessman
Daniel Cosgrove, 49 American actor
Ben Allison, 53 American jazz musician
Debra Hamel, 56 American historian
Rafer Weigel, 51 American television journalist
Casimir Loxsom, 29 American distance runner
Damian Loeb, 50 American painter
Katherine Glass, 73 American actor
Scott Holcomb, 47
George W. Bush, 74 43rd President of the United States
Monica Hargrove, 37 American sprinter
Jim Goldberg, 67 American photographer
Dirk Wittenborn, 68 American writer
Matt Dunne, 50 American politician
Caitlin Cahow, 35 Ice hockey player
Mike Lawlor, 63 American politician
Matt Hussey, 41 American ice hockey player
Louis Gloria, 51 American tennis player
Darius James, 66 American writer
Laura DeNardis, 54
Brad Ausmus, 51 American baseball player
Luke Walker, 77 American baseball player
Richard Bangs, 70
Rick Valente, 62 American bodybuilder