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Kal Penn, 44 American actor and politician
Joanne Nosuchinsky, 32 American model
Hussein Fatal, 38 American rapper
Jenny Owen Youngs, 39 American singer
Michael Spence, 77 Economist Nobel Laureate
Robert DeLeo, 55 American rock musician
Michael Fabiano, 37 American opera singer
Bob Bradley, 63 American soccer coach
Richard Burgi, 63 American actor
Ty Taylor, 52 American musician
Kreskin, 86 American mentalist
Joanna Rees, 59 American venture capitalist
Michelle Leonardo, 30 American model
Greg Gates, 95 Olympic medalist in rowing
Dave Nelson, 77 American baseball player and coach
John F. McKeon, 63 American politician
Sean T. Kean, 58 New Jersey State Senator
Rob Schenck, 63 American evangelical minister
M. D. Bright, 66 Artist
Nancy Springer, 73 American author
Duncan Sheik, 51 American musician
Jeffrey Henderson, 32 American long jumper
Warren Littlefield, 69 Former US television executive
Ben Rosenfield, 28 Actor
Peter Greene, 55 Actor
Paul Cushing Child, 92 civil servant diplomat husband of Julia Child
Nicole Leach, 42 American actor
Sterling Hayden, 70 Actor
Michael J. Fitzgerald, 73 Non-Fiction Author
Joe McNally, 69 American photographer
John C. Bogle, 89 American investor money manager
Donna Leon, 78 Novelist
Christopher Durang, 72 American playwright
Jacqueline Brookes, 82 American actress acting teacher
Chuck Burgi, 68 American musician
Joshua Lederberg, 82 American molecular biologist
Louis Jean Heydt, 56 American actor
Carter Brey, 67 American cello virtuoso
Hollie Donan, 85 American football player
James Colgate Cleveland, 75 American politician
Jim Courter, 79 Member of the United States House of Representatives from New Jersey
Brandon Costner, 34 American basketball player
Charles Belden, 61 American photographer
Butch van Breda Kolff, 84 American basketball player and coach
Joseph Lamb (politician), 76 British politician
Rich Kenah, 50 Athletics (sport) competitor
R.J. Colleary, 63 Writer
Dean Hamer, 70