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Famous people from Mobile, United States of America including DeMarcus Cousins, Geoff Ramsey, Aron Jóhannsson, Eric Benét, Jake Peavy, Jake Peavy and many more.

DeMarcus Cousins, 31 American basketball player
Geoff Ramsey, 46 American voice actor
Aron Jóhannsson, 30 Icelandic footballer
Eric Benét, 55 American singer
Jake Peavy, 40 American baseball player
Nick Fairley, 33 All-American college football player professional football player defensive lineman
Captain Munnerlyn, 33 Player of American football
Rich Boy, 38 American rapper
Dameyune Craig, 47 American football player and coach
London Crawford, 35 Player of arena football
Antonio Lang, 49 American basketball player
Derrick Coleman, 54 American basketball player
Victor Gaston, 78 Member Alabama House of Representatives
Sanford Bishop, 74 American politician
Sen'Derrick Marks, 34 Player of American football
Lindsey Harding, 37 American basketball player
Sap Randall, 61 Major League Baseball player
Bradley Byrne, 66 American politician
Hank Aaron, 87 Retired American baseball player
Annabelle Gurwitch, 59 American actor
Cale Gale, 36 American racing driver and crew chief
Antwan Odom, 40 Player of American football
JaMarcus Russell, 36 American football quarterback
Bryant H. McGill, 51 Author Poet Speaker and Activist
Tee Martin, 43 American football player
Hanford Dixon, 62 Player of American football
Mark Barron, 32 All-American college football player defensive back safety
Rich Caster, 73 American football player
Jason English, 35 American football player
Justin Ready, 39 American politician
Don Siegelman, 75 American politician
Samuel D. Thompson, 86 Member of the New Jersey General Assembly
Art Napolitano, 65 American soccer player
Pete Myers, 58 American basketball player and coach
Jeff Malone, 60 American basketball player-coach
Phil Savage, 56 American football player coachexecutive
Leon Lett, 53 Player/Coach of American football
Fennis Dembo, 55 American basketball player
Juan Pierre, 44 American baseball player
Lloyd Austin, 68 United States Army lieutenant general
Regina Benjamin, 65 Surgeon General of the United States
Yolande Fox, 92 American singer and model
Matt McCants, 32 American football players
Glen Day, 55 Professional golfer
Orlando Huff, 43 American football player
Chris White (musician), 78 English musician
Kyle McPherson, 33 Baseball player
Rodney Hudson, 32 All-American college football player professional football player offensive lineman