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Famous people from El Paso, United States of America including Vickie Guerrero, John Moyer, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Aarón Sanchez, Debbie Reynolds, Debbie Reynolds and many more.

Vickie Guerrero, 53 professional wrestling personality and manager
John Moyer, 47 American musician
Chavo Guerrero, Jr., 50 Professional wrestler
Aarón Sanchez, 45 chip and dale dancer
Debbie Reynolds, 84 Actor dancer and singer
Blake Smith, 30 Footballer
Jonny Cruz, 38 American actor
Amanda Marcotte, 44 Blogger
Todd Brunson, 52 American poker player
Bruce Prichard, 58 Professional wrestling executive
Lydia Cornell, 68 Actress writer
John Cameron Mitchell, 58 American film director
Neal Adams, 80 American comic book and commercial artist
Jordan Hinson, 30 American actor
Omar Salgado, 28 American soccer player
Todd Womack, 46 Comedian
Mark Dantonio, 65 American college football player college football coach defensive back
Carlos Menchaca, 41 American politician
Dalton Caldwell, 41
Don Bluth, 84 American animator
Cassandro, 51 Mexican professional wrestler
Danny Perez, 50 American baseball player
Tony Arnold, 62 American baseball player
Catalina Larranaga, 51 American actor
Laura Lynch, 64 Musician
Michael Husted, 51 American football player
Howard Schwartz, 45 American poet and folklorist
Abraham Han, 36 American boxer
Jamie Dick, 32 American stock car racing driver
Sho Kashima, 34 American freestyle skier
Ruben Felix, 51 American baseball player
Ricky Thompson, 67 American football player
Salvador Torres, 85 American artist and muralist
Anthony Bowling, 38 American actor
Raquel Diaz, 30 American singer model and wrestler
Nolan Richardson, 79 American college basketball coach professional basketball coach
Shawn Jordan, 36 Mixed martial artist
Justin Hickman, 36 All-American college football player professional football player defensive lineman defensive end
Norma Chávez, 61 American politician
Charlie Moreno, 42 American actor and comedian
Manuel Flores, 49
James Colliander, 54 American Canadian mathematician
A. Lee Martinez, 48 Author
Alonso Hernández, 27 Mexican American soccer player
David Briones, 78 United States federal judge
Eddie Guerrero, 38 Professional wrestler
Gunplay, 42 Rapper
Beto O'Rourke, 48 Politician