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Nicole Richie, 39 Television personality actress author
Ben Affleck, 48 American Actor
Jorma Taccone, 44 American comedy writer actor and film director
Nina Hartley, 62 American porn star; sex educator
Adam Sessler, 47 American television personality
Zaid Shakir, 65 American Islamic scholar
Goapele, 43 American soul and R&B singer-songwriter
Christopher Rice, 43 American writer
Rockmond Dunbar, 48 American actor
Alex Skolnick, 52 American musician
Rebecca Romijn, 48 actress
Rebecca MacKinnon, 51 American Activist And Journalist
Colin Tilley, 32 American music video director
Adam Rittenberg, 40 American journalist
Joshua Redman, 52 American jazz saxophonist and composer
Chantal Claret, 39 American singer
Amani Toomer, 46 American football player
Robin Hobb, 69 Writer
Eddie House, 43 American basketball player
Josh Mankiewicz, 65 American journalist
Dan Slott, 54 Writer
Phil Tippett, 70 American film director
Daniel Wu, 27 Hong Kong actor
Steve Shannon, 50 American lawyer
Shawn Harris, 38 American musician
Tim Armstrong, 55 American musician
Phil Lesh, 81 American musician
Dana Scott, 88 Computer scientist mathematician logician
James Bartholet, 61 American actor
Paul Budnitz, 53 American designer
Brett Jackson, 32 American baseball player
Art Evans, 79 American actor
Lil B, 31 American rapper
Victoria Chick, 85 American Economist
Matt Mitchell, 64 American tennis player
Ben Jacques-Maynes, 42 American racing cyclist
David G. Rand, 39 American academic
Darren Lewis, 53 American baseball player
Don Walsh, 89 American oceanographer
Burl Toler III, 38 American football player
Sam Shankland, 29 Chess player
Mariko Peters, 52 Dutch politician civil servant and lawyer
Aaron Peskin, 57 American politician
Kent Nagano, 69 American conductor
Andy Samberg, 42 American comedian
Trent Johnson, 64 American college basketball coach
Ellen Rosenblum, 70 Oregon politician
Ursula K. Le Guin, 88 American novelist