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Dee Snider, 66 American musician
Eric Metaxas, 58
Chris Eliopoulos, 53 American cartoonist and comic book letterer
John Mariano, 60 American actor
Melanie Martinez (singer), 26 singer
Lou Lumenick, 71 American film critic
Melanie Martinez, 49 American actor
Christopher Walken, 78 Actor
Costa Constantinides, 46
Diane Savino, 58 American politician
John Frusciante, 51 American guitarist singer songwriter and record producer
Tony Avella, 69 American politician
Jennifer Rush, 60 Pop singer
Chamique Holdsclaw, 43 Basketball player
Nicholas Nicastro, 58 American writer
Joe Santagato, 29 YouTube Star
Ethel Merman, 76 Actress singer
Marilyn Milian, 60 American judge
Robert Davi, 68 American actor and singer
Patrick McGoohan, 80 Actor
Eddie Bracken, 87 American actor
Luke Halpin, 74 American actor
George Maharis, 92 American actor
Ed Gardner, 62 American actor
Dan Dorion, 58 American ice hockey player
William Bleckwenn, 69 American psychiatrist
Evelyn J. Lynn, 91 American politician
Elizabeth Selden Rogers, 82 American suffragist
Babe Young, 69 American baseball player
Harris Pastides, 67
George Tsontakis, 69 American conductor
Alvey A. Adee, 81 American diplomat
Charles Kenny, 93 American musician
Alfred Gibbs, 45 Union Army general
Frank Bonsangue Actor
Stephen Marchesi, 69 American artist
Gordon Willis, 90 American cinematographer
George Onorato, 86 American politician
Susan Scannell, 63 American actor
Raymond Chappetto, 75 Catholic bishop
Paul Jata, 71 American baseball player
Marty Grabstein, 66 Actor
Jack Kehoe, 81 American actor
Buddy Kerr, 84 American baseball player
Michael Gianaris, 51 American politician
Frank Brill, 80 American baseball player
Nick Kenny, 80
Sam Mele, 95 Major League Baseball player and manager