Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit Winners

People with Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit


Name Title
Alain Deschamps
Anne De Rochechouart-Mortemart Uzès
Anne-Sophie Pic French chef
Bartabas French horse trainer film producer and impresario
Bernard Janvier General of the French Army
Camille Arambourg French paleontologist
Claire Bazy-Malaurie
Cyril Lignac French chef
Ernest Marie Louis Bedel French entomologist
Eugène Vaillé French philatelist
Frédéric Pons French journalist
Gaston Gradis
Georges Duby French historian
Georges Patient French politician
Georges Schwob D'Héricourt
Guy de Rothschild Jewish-French banker art collector horse breeder
Guy Taittinger
Henri Gadeau de Kerville French zoologist entomologist botanist and archeologist
Hervé Maurey French politician
Hubert Haenel French politician
Isabelle Mergault Film actor and director
Jacques Andrieux French fighter ace
Jacques Bordaneil
Jacques Chirac President of France
Jacques Maurras
Jean Moulin French Resistance member
Jean Pain French inventor and innovator
Jean Rochefort Actor
Jean-Louis Debré
Jean-Paul Chifflet French banker
Jean-Paul Proust Monegasque politician
Jean-Pierre Laflaquière High Commissioner of French Polynesia
Joël Mathurin
José Ángel Gurría Mexican economist and diplomat
Jules Gravereaux
Karine Le Marchand TV Show Host
Léon Sagnol french politician
Louis Beguin-Billecocq French entomologist
Louis de Champsavin Equestrian
Louis Pasteur French microbiologist and chemist
Louis-Joseph Alcide Railliet Veterinarian and helminthologist
Maryse Martin Actress
Michel Baroin
Michel Blanc French actor and director
Michel Serrault French actor
Paul Gourret French zoologist
Paul Prosper Henrys
Périco Légasse Actor
Philippe Malaud
Philippe Séguin Tunisian politician

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