John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship Winners 98 years old

People with John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship


Name Title
A. Bartlett Giamatti American baseball commissioner
A. Carl Helmholz Physicist
A. D. Kirwan American football coach university administrator
A. E. Stallings American poet
A. F. Moritz Canadian poet
A. J. Langguth American journalist author and educator
A. J. M. Smith Canadian writer
A. James Gregor American political scientist
A. M. Homes Novelist memoirist
A. R. Ammons American poet
A. Scott Berg Biographer journalist
A. Starker Leopold American writer and scientist
A. Van Jordan American poet
A. Walton Litz American literary historian and critic
Aaron Bohrod American artist
Aaron Copland American politician
Aaron D. Wyner American Information theorist
Aaron Fogel American writer
Aaron Jay Kernis American composer
Aaron Novick
Aaron Siskind American photographer
Abelardo Morell American photographer
Abhijit Banerjee Indian academic
Abigail Child
Abner Shimony American physicist
Abraham (Avi) Loeb American/Israeli theoretical physicist
Abraham Edel American philosopher
Abraham Haskel Taub American mathematician physicist
Abraham Joshua Heschel Polish-American Conservative Judaism Rabbi
Abraham Kaplan American philosopher
Abraham Pais American Physicist
Abraham Samuel Goldstein law professor at Yale Law School
Abraham Seidenberg American mathematician
Abraham Willink Dutch entomologist
Abram Lincoln Harris Economist anthropologist academic
Abram Schlemowitz American artist
Ad Reinhardt American painter
Ada Louise Huxtable architecture writer
Adam Begley
Adam C. Siepel Bioinformatician
Adam Dziewonski
Adam Haslett Fiction writer
Adam Kendon British linguist
Adam Kirsch American writer
Adam Ulam Polish historian
Adam Zagajewski Poet
Adele Wiseman Canadian writer
Adeline Masquelier American Anthropologist
Adina Hoffman
Adja Yunkers American artist

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship (98 years)

  • Inception: Thursday, January 01, 1925